Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I Love Rainbows

This isn't another what i shall be wearing for spring blog post. I really don't follow seasonal trends. I'll wear blood red if i fancy it, no matter what month the calendar is on, and the same goes for any other shade of lipstick, eyeshadow or nail polish.

Colour choice depends on my mood, i don't match my clothes to my lippy.
My daughter's most recent trip to Build a Bear Workshop to reward her good work at school meant we now have a new addition to the cuddly collection, Rainbow Dash. 

I never fail to adore anything that reminds me of my childhood. I still think they don't make toys like they used to, yeah i sound like an ol' fogey.
Who can not fail to feel more cheerful whilst wearing a bit or a lot of colour.
My nails shall be sporting these shades to boost my mood and give me a welcome non medicinal pick me up.

Left to right-

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Maybelline Ceramic Blue 610
Barry M Berry Ice-cream 308
Barry M Bright Pink 279
Barry M Gelly Papaya 311
Essie Peach Daiquiri 76
Essie Lacquered Up 678


  1. Is it bad I really wanted that Rainbow Dash when I saw it in a Build a Bear. I love Barry M nail varnishes, it's about the only brand I buy most the time. I got the Gelly on in Prickly Pear and I was amazed how long they lasted without chipping, I'll definitely be getting more of them x

    1. I saw the email from build a bear with the My Little Pony's and nearly ran to the shop to buy one. There was a lovely woman behind us in the stuffing queue who had three in her arms. She admitted she was a massive fan and they were all for her. Why three you may ask, they all had different My Little Pony sounds in them, priCEY!
      And i agree, the MarryM Gelly's last a very good amount of time. I was surprised. Prickly pear is my fav shade but i have too many nail colours similar so opted for Papaya. I'm about the paint my nails in it again now.

      Jules x

  2. That Barry M papaya colour looks so pretty! perfect for Spring :)

    1. It's certainly a colour that cheers me up.
      Thanks for commenting. x

      Jules x