Thursday, 18 April 2013

How do you spend your money?

Do you spend your money on the first new release of a bargain drug store brand or are you a more mindful shopper who also tends to invest in makeup that you know shall be worn for years thus you don't mind spending more money and going for high end products?

Recently i've had a massive de-clutter of my makeup. I've sold lots of new and unused items i had bought from the drug store and given away over 3 GlossyBoxes worth of slap to my family that had been laying un-used for months/years.
Doing this made me realise that i spend/spent far too much money on things i don't really need or use.
I'm not the type of woman who chooses to wear different shades of eyeshadow on a daily basis. I stick to what i like and if i do stray it's only because i've bought yet another 'bargain drug store' new release then in a few days i go back to my old faithful products.
There are some drug store items that i class staple in my collection. For example, MUA's eyeshadow primer is always used alongside my XL tube of Urban Decay's Primer Potion. 

As i'm a big ol' whore for packaging i do like my collection to be more high end. It's a bit like knowing you need a piece of furniture that needs to last a lifetime so you'll be happy to spend more on it knowing it shall get the use it was made for, rather than a bargain from some Swedish chain store that shall look weathered and worn within half of it's expected lifespan. 

I'm not mega rich, well not rich at all. I save my pennies and choose carefully. When i was a teenager or in my very early 20's i wanted to experiment with new things so spending little on items i wasn't sure i would use much was wise. 

One item i'll always invest in is foundation. I have both high end and drug store. I don't think high end foundation is always the best just because you spend more, but if i know it is a good product i don't frown upon parting with my cash.

Lipstick and lipgloss isn't a product i compare in the same way. I don't think any high end lipstick is outstanding in it's formula and colour range to justify me spending extra as i think cheaper brands have long lasting, comfortable on the lips and great colour range. But i contradict myself as beautiful lipstick packaging draws me in like a bee to flower.

I justify the need for beautiful or quality packaging with lipstick because i don't just use it behind closed doors. I have lipstick and gloss tubes that rattle around in my handbag and all around the house. They need to be sturdy and i like pretty things. It's always much nicer to re-apply a lippy in the ladies toilets when it isn't from a cracked plastic tube.

The act of applying lipstick almost makes me feel more feminine. In film and cinema the vision of a siren impeccably dressed and groomed applying lipstick/gloss is part way to allure the viewer. Not that i stand in the ladies' loos wanting to make the toilet attendant to watch me and want to rip my clothes off, but like i said, it make me feel good about myself and although i know i'm more Waynetta Slob than a Scarlett Johnsson for a moment i feel that i'm exerting my natural womanliness and that makes me feel good.


  1. I spend my money on clothes and make up, so much so I need to get rid of something else just to be able to store it all. Help! Hahaha. x

    1. I love watching programs like The Hoarder Nextdoor, because it always makes me super paranoid that i'll get like that one day if i don't keep my 'collection' in check,lol

      Jules x

  2. I love this kind of topic! I prefer to invest in things I know I'll use, like foundations that work for me, or eyeshadows that I'll use daily but I pick up cheaper products too to try out new colours or formulations!
    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

    1. Sincerely interested to read your input on this topic. Buying cheaper if trying out new colours seems a wise choice. If i wasn't so grounded into thinking i know what i like and what suits i'd do the same when trying different colours.

      Thanks for commenting.