Monday, 15 October 2012

October Mid Month Empties & Hit Pan

October Mid Month Empties

I've been trying to wait till the end of the month to post a large empties haul but i'm struggling for space to store my rubbish and i'm paranoid my good intentioned husband shall find my empties stash and throw it out with the other recycling like he did last month, bless him, grrr!

One of these offers was for the new packaged Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm that was half price around a month ago. I really dislike this product. In the past i've used Eve Loms Hot cloth cleanser as well as No7's. Both of which i liked so when others are on the market i like to try.
This was on offer so i purchased. I hadn't use this before they changed the contents, but the smell allured me. It does smell lovely.

I scooped out a tiny amount of balm and rubbed over my face. It was so greasy, it felt like chip fat. When i attempted to removed with a very hot cloth it took forever as the grease was very hard to shift even with heat. It left me feeling like i needed to wash my face again with a normal, add water cleanser. I persisted in using for a week but it just made my skin feel awful and i started developing white heads so i stopped. My skin has never felt so unclean after using a cleanser. It didn't even remove my makeup well.
Biggest downside was it left a messy greasy tide line around my sink every time. So not only did it take ages to remove the balm from my face, but i had to spray and clean my sink after every use.I'm sure you can get the same horrid results from using booking oil for a cheaper price. I have struggled to finish this small pot for weeks. Thank goodness it's gone at last.
Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Gel, again bought on offer. I used this as aftersun and after showering when i had shaved my legs. It smells clean and was gentle on my skin. I am going to repurchase because it was so quick and easy to use. It sunk into the skin near as soon as it was applied and i'm sure the aloe helped calm down any burning from using a razor or sun exposure.
Vichy Normaderm anti wrinkle resurfacing care. This is one of my star products. It's light and fresh to use. Sinks into the skin fast but leaves the skin moisturised all day without a greasy feeling. I'd recommend this to anyone who suffers from acne or even uneven skin as i'm near 90% certain it has helped keep my skin smoother and less oily, resulting in less outbreaks also.
Fast & Fruity nail varnish remover pot, purchased from Home Bargains. A lot of bloggers have reviewed this item in comparison to Bourjois' pot varnish remover. I have nothing but good to say about this. It was 89p and it removes nail varnish within a couple of seconds. It even helped shift glitter polish with less hassle. For 89p i didn't expect much of a result, so when after a week of use the foam within the pot started to break off i wasn't upset. I haven't tired the Bourjois version, but i read that the same happens to that product also after some time of use?
Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub. Ahhh i love S&G body scrubs. They smell so good and they really do scrub/exfoliate. Unlike a lot of other brand's body scrubs that just tickle the skin, this one really gets to work. It's corse and grainy but has loads of oils that leave a moisturised finish to the skin. I never need to apply extra moisturisers when i use this. I could make my own body scrubs, but i don't have the time to be mixing stuff in my kitchen like a witch. I find cooking a big enough chore so the less time making kitchen mess the better. For £7.00 it's worth the money spent on saving less time washing up.
Nair Sensitive hair remover cream. Another Home Bargains find. I always use a cream hair remover on my legs once a month, as for me i feel it leaves a smoother finish for longer. This cost around £1.00 and on my large tree trunk legs the tube covered enough skin area to remove hair on my lower legs without scrimping on cream.
The Body Shop Almond Body Butter . I love the smell of this stuff also. A lot of my purchases depend on how good a product smells. It could burn my skin to hell but i'll still try and use it. This body butter is far from harsh, it's great on my body and i also use it on my hands as i get eczema between my fingers. It does stay on the skin greasy'ish but if your skin requires constant moisture in some areas like mine does this is really great. I find not all of The Body Shop Body Butters moisturise the same amount. Some are lighter than others, but this one is a good choice for extremely dry skin.
Aveda Mint & Rosemary Conditioner. This smells minty fresh and makes the scalp slightly tingle. As i have short hair i don't need to condition my hair much, but just enough to help styling my hair easier and to help stop my scalp becoming tight and itchy. This is a light conditioner and i don't think i shall repurchase as it was very much like a lot of less expensive drug store conditioners. I like Aveda shampoos as a little product goes a long way and i feel i'm getting my monies worth, but not with this item.
Possiblity Raspberry Pavlova Bath & Shower Gel. Home Bargains again. Not sure how much it cost but it lasts ages because it's a large bottle and because it really does smell like Raspberry Pavlova, although the scent doesn't last on the skin unlike more pricey products. 
Witch anti blemish pressed powder. I've hit pan, but not used up totally yet. I estimate i shall run out totally within the week. I've already repurchased this ready to use as it's just a really good powder. Not chalky, sets makeup great and doesn't break me out.
Maybelline One by One Mascara. I love Maybelline Mascaras. This one has a large brush and gives great volume to my lashes and i find the colour is true black unlike other brands. 

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