Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, MAC Studio Finish Concealer & MAC Dame Blusher

My Saturday Bluewater shopping haul.

My very first MAC concealer! Studio Finish in NC20.
Oh wow, this is amazing stuff. It is super pigmented and covered up a horrid healing acne scar on my forehead with just one swipe. It stayed put and didn't rub off all night. I'm liking that the pot has more product in than the Bobbi Brown Corrector that i was thinking about buying also. A little of this goes a long way!

I've been wanting to try Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder ever since Essiebutton and Gracie from Ugly face of beauty showed everyone how amazing it has made their skin look.

This weekend i went to Bluewater and caved in. I took some time at the counter swatching it on my hand. When swatched, it did look as if it had tiny micro glitter particles in it. The sales woman assured me, "Oh the powder has probably been mixed with something else" making me think she thought i was aghast at how glittery it looked. But i took my time and blended and it really made the skin on the back of my hand look amazing. Not a touch of glitter showed at all. No shine, just semi matt skin. I was offered to have some applied to my face, but i hate sitting having my makeup done surrounded by shoppers and people watching. I also had my husband and children waiting outside the shop twiddling their thumbs getting bored of me going into yet another non gadget shop!

I bought it. I mentally blocked out the price, which was £31 in House of Frazer.
My colour is Natural Beige and it's a perfect colour match for me.

I wore it to a wedding at the weekend for the first time and it covered up my acne marks without any work. I blended more product over high colour areas and even though i had extra powder on my skin, it didn't look cakey or unnatural. To me it looked just like my skin. No glitter or shimmer, just luminous and semi matt. Not at all like a death mask that i find can happen when every imperfection is covered with high coverage liquid foundations.

MAC Satin finish blush in Dame.
I went into the MAC store with the intention of buying Well Dressed. I wanted a light pink but when i swatched Well Dressed it didn't show up at all. I mean nothing. I'm an NC20, maybe Well Dressed is only for the palest of the pale? I couldn't even see the powder on my finger or hand.
The next shade up with Dame and it was just watch i was looking for. I didn't want any shimmer, just an easy to wear pink. It picks up on the brush really well. No need to keep pushing into the pan to get enough colour out, it's pigmented. But being pigmented doesn't mean it sticks to the skin and doesn't blend. It's totally easy to use without getting clown blotches.

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