Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse

I have been lucky enough to be sent a few products from the Ojon Damage Reverse Range to test and review. I know people get funny about bloggers posting about things they've been sent but i personally don't see a problem unless you are being paid to lie about what you truly think.
If anyone is in doubt, i can assure everyone that i shall be giving my true and honest opinion.

I have short hair myself, but my daughter has very fine curly hair and i try and pamper her hair as it's prone to get dry and break due to brushing and the fact that her hair is naturally frizzy.
It's the first time i've used this brand and am excited to see if it could be the holy grail i've been searching for as i find children's shampoos are awful for girls or boys with hair like my daughter's.

I try and find products that are as natural and caring as possible but sometimes i've had to use brands that just do the job no matter if they have silicon or non natural ingredients.
If you suffer from the same dilemma and have found something that works please let me know.
But as for now hair wash night will be interesting. I shall update with the results...

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