Thursday, 22 November 2012

MAC Lingering Brow Pencil

MAC's eye pencil in Lingering. 
A super fine point retractable pencil that shades in my brows a tone lighter than my natural eyebrow colour. 
If i used a pencil to match my brow colour exactly it would block my brows in too much. I'm not currently aiming for the scouse brow look.

Please excuse the non symmetry of my eyebrows. I'm trying to grow them thus skipping getting them threaded each month. As a result i could be mistaken for Sean Connery.  
I've never been great at plucking.

 Super fine tip.

The texture of the pencil isn't soft so doesn't smudge like some pencils can but it applies with ease although it isn't a super soft texture. It lasts on my eyebrows until i cleanse my face probably because it doesn't wear off like softer waxes. 

It's well worth the investment if you have struggled to find a perfect colour brow shade like i have. 
I don't get along with eyebrow powders as i can't get a precise stroke unlike i do with this liner. 
The fine point fills in any gap with ease.

Do you use any products on your eyebrows?




  1. I fill mine in with Buck, a matte shade from the Urban Decay Naked palette. My brows are as crooked as buggery!

    1. I have an involuntary habit of raising my eyebrow like Mr Connery so my eyebrows are fooked even if they have been plucked symmetrical.