Saturday, 17 November 2012

Who runs the world, Girls!

I know this isn't a makeup, beauty type blog post but a friend of mine sent me this and i couldn't stop inwardly laughing.

At this time of the year i know a lot of us woman are beginning to reenact the Asda advert. And if you're not i bet there will be a time in your life in the future that you shall be.

So this is a big pat on the back to all the mums, girlfriends and wife's who are left to do it all.

If no one makes it clear that they appreciate all of your planning and hard work remember there are numerous other woman doing the same as you and we all think you're a gem!


  1. Aww, thank you! I just clicked into your page through another blog and saw this post. As a mother of two trying to organise Christmas and struggling to get my list finished, it was sweet to read this post. Hugs. X

    1. Right back to ya and thanks for commenting.