Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Loadsa empties me dears

I've been poorly ill so i apologise for the lack of blog posts recently.

These are an accumulation of empties from November to now. As you can see, i've been fond of coconut shower gel/creams recently. I think i've become bored of it at last and i'm now onto mango and peach scented products. My beloved Burt's Bee Mango lip balm has run out, boo hooooo! I'm now using the honey version, yum.

The Body Shop's almond body butter has been used up yet again. I seem to go through a body butter a month. I'm 90% through a raspberry one currently.

Garnier makeup remover is my must buy item as it's cheap and almost always on offer making it even more cheaper'rerrr.

I used up both Clinique Moisture Surge creams and eye cream within a month. I loved it but i will not repurchase as it didn't last long compared to other creams. After prolonged use i feel that i could find better and cheaper creams that moisturise as much or better. I did love the texture and lightness of the creams though.

The Body Shop banana shampoo, yet another empty. My children go through one a month and i love how gentle it is and how delish it pongs on their tiny bonses.

Soap & Glory's i-foan was pants. It lasted days. The product was lovely but i like it get value for money and the liquid was very watery and poored out of the tube like water thus i used more than intended every time i used it. Beautiful zesty smell though. I do love S&G's scents.

My first use of Aveda's Stress Fix bath salts was a gooden. The smell is to die for. Before use i kept the tiny sample pot on my desk and i kept opening and sniffing as the scent was so calming. I love aromatherapy scents and this is the best kind.

Treseme's colour care conditioner. This wasn't amazing. It conditioned well but i didn't feel it kept my colour any better than a cheap conditioner. Great if you're not fussed on the colour care part and just want a conditioner to keep away tangles. I wouldn't pay full price for this.

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