Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What a waste of money

This is one of Boots 17 Mirror shine lipsticks. I've only owned it for around a week and look at it!

I've not even worn it every day and it's gone down half the amount by wastage and melting.

I don't keep my lipsticks in a hot or even warm place. This was kept in a pot on the top of my fire mantel. The fire is never used. None of my other brands kept the same place have melted.

The texture of the lipstick itself seems much like a mixture of vaseline and a small amount of pigment.

I wouldn't be upset if this happened to a product i purchased from the Pound Shop or 99p Store. I don't think i should expect this low quality product for a lipstick which retails at £4.79.  That amount of money isn't pocket change for me or many other people in the current financial climate.

I think that unless i find a super bargain on a discount website i shall stick to higher end brands that cost more but last longer and are much better quality.
In this case i disagree in the opinion that drug store discount makeup is as good as premium. *sad face*


  1. Oh Lordy!! I was going to get one of those on Friday! I have the 17 Mirror Shine On in the tacky blue bullet but really like the colour of the lipstick so I was pleased about the same colour being in this much nicer bullet!!

    I'm having second thoughts now!

  2. I'm yet to use the 2nd mirror shine lippy i bought. Who knows if it shall be the same.
    I feel bad putting people off the lipstick but i felt i had to share to show that the same might happen to others who may purchase.
    Jules x

  3. Oh no! What a waste, guess I won't be trying any of their makeup!