Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's beginning to look like...


Things i would love to be surprised with Christmas morning

Every time i pop into Boots i look at this tin of wonder. I love the Soap & Glory eyeshadows and kohl pencils and there seems to be so many products in this tin for it's cost. 
They are totally wearable dark tones that can create many detailed looks but ideally they are my idea of quick and easy to apply smokey eyeshadow and liner around the eye look which is what i tend to do when i'm rushed in the mornings.

I do love a good wooly hat. Cold early mornings walking the children to school mean wearing a hat is essential. 
I have developed quite a hat collection the past few years and i'm always looking for the next trusty hat that i wear for every quick trip out of the house.
I love the moody colours and the large chunkiness of this hat. It looks big enough to pull over my ears.

I love a ditsy print and in my opinion Cath Kidston is the only place to go ditsy.
Our family is going on our holihubs to Florida next year and i'm looking for a new makeup bag to house all of my makeup stash and carry the haul goodies for the journey home. 
I don't get on with traditional large makeup bags where you have to rummage into a bag hoping for the best. This bag has two clear compartments so it's easy to see where to reach the item you're searching for.

I have super wide feet and plantar fasciitis so i always go for comfort rather than style. 
I have never been a lover of high heels, it's just not my style.
Dm's have always been with me in some shape or form since i was sixteen. My nick name at secondary school was 'Dug' (as in Doug from Neighbours) people in their mid 30's may remember him and understand the name connection as he was builder who always wore builder style boots.
I was a grunge child. I wore a long school skirt with chunky boots and it seemed to fit the stereotype of every art student, which i was.
Dm's last forever. I have no justification of needing anymore, but i like these and i'm doing a childlike stomping tantrum until i own them.

I have a new found adoration for the BareMinerals READY range since i purchased one of their eyeshadow palettes See the review here
I don't need any more eyeshadows but i so love the look of this shiny silver compact of beauties. 
The blue shade would look awesome on the lower lash liner whilst all of the other colours would look cool worn any chosen way. Plus i love the fluffy brush and sample of Prime Time.

What items are you hoping to receive for Christmas? I would love to know.


  1. Loving the boots. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and DM soles are the only thing I can wear to walk without pain. Sod wearing heels! I'm with you all the way there. xx

    1. Just had to Google that, yikes it sounds awful. x