Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Empties

Sanex Sensitive bath. Both my children and i use this. My son and i suffer from eczema and this helps our skin whilst we bathe.

Avon's Outspoken Intense by Fergie. Loved this when it was first released when i was an Avon rep but it seems to 'go off' in the bottle fast and i struggled to use it because the smell turned nasty. 

Boots Natural Collection loose powder. Great value at only £2 and it as good as premium brand loose powders in my opinion.

Sensodyne Repair and protect toothpaste. I have bad sensitive teeth and have to use this stuff. I wish i could find a sensitive tooth paste that made my breath minty fresh. This doesn't leave my gob zinging.

Johnson's Face wipes for dry skin. I know face wipes are meant to be a beauty no no, but flip, i haven't got time to cleanse with creams etc every day. These take off the bulk of my eye makeup great before i cleanse with a face wash before bedtime. These are my preferred wipes as they have a lot of moisture and aren't dry to touch like a lot of facial wipes are.

Nivea touch gel face wash. I use any old cheap face wash in the shower every morning. My husband pinches it too so i don't use anything i cherish. I bought this from Home Bargains for around £2 if my memory serves me right.

Neutrogena T Gel Shampoo for sensitive scalp. I suffer from a very dry tight scalp at certain times of the month. When this happens i switch to this and use until my head feels well again. It's the best sensitive scalp shampoo i've tried so far.

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo. My children use this and i do on the odd occasion. It smells delish' and keeps my kids hair lovely and shiny and helps keep condition of it also. I have a shock pile of this so you may so any more of these in my future empty posts.

Organic Surge Tropical Bergamont Body Scrub, Smells beautiful and tickles my skin enough when i need it too. It's not a mega scrubbing scrub like (e.g.) Soap & Glory's range of scrubs, but it's nice and cruelty free.

Superdrug's Simple Pure Aqua Hydrating Serum. This is almost always half price online or instore and i picked this up when it was around £2. It feels like applying water to the skin, so really nice if you suffer with sensitive skin. It hydrates a good amount of time, like more pricey brands do or claim too. I shall repurchase.

Avril Lavigne Black Star Body Lotion. I love this pong. Had the body lotion a while when it came with the perfume in a gift set. It still kept it scent even though it's an old tube.

REN Vetiver v7 Hand & Body cream, Sample size. I hated this. It could be compared to the cheap body creams i used to get in christmas gift sets when i was eleven. The only plus side was it's lacks of skin nasties and it being against animal testing. I have no idea why so many people rave about REN.

Living Proof No Frizz nourishing styling cream, sample. This stuff is amazing. I have a short cropped hair style like Snow White from Once Upon A Time and it made every hair on my head go into the right place and seem super conditioned.

Montagne Jenuesse Miracle & Shine Serum. This made my little girls fine but super wavy hair looked like WOW! It kept the frizz away even after a long school day and her hair curled naturally and looked conditioned. It even made brushing easy.

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector moisturiser. It didn't work at all. I couldn't wait to finish this tube. It was a thin lotion that smelt to high heaven of 'Garnier' products. It moisturised my skin but left a slightly wet tacky feel when i didn't apply makeup after.

AVON's Supershock Max mascara. This was a gift with purchase with a magazine so thankfully i didn't pay money for it. It did a great job at thickening my lashes when first opened but it dried out very fast and soon it took more than two coats and a lot of fussing to achieve a decent lash look.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara. I liked this a lot. The brush shape and the formula of the mascara meant it was easy to bulk up the lashes and keep them looking un-cloggy. The mascara didn't dry out too fast either. I shall buy again.

Revlon's Colorstay under eye concealer. I will not repurchase. The tube had to be turned to produce the concealer and i would be stood turning for ages and nothing would come out, then i would click a turn one more time and way too much concealer would come out. The actual product was thick and covered blemishes and dark circles and lasted a long time but it wasn't very good under the eyes as it creased like nothing i've ever owned. Probably fine for people who are super young and have no under eye creases.

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