Saturday, 3 November 2012

17 Mirror Shine, Belle & Beehive

Look at the functional packaging!
I love the little mirror that slides out when you open the lipstick bullet. Really great value lipstick and packaging that's been thought about.

These cost £4.79 from Boots. There is a current offer on where you buy one and get another cosmetic item half price so these worked out at costing me £3.59 each.

Both shades are very similar. Belle is a more pinky toned nude and Beehive is more peachy.

Above- Belle, Beehive

The formula of these lipsticks are very sheer. There isn't much pigmentation at all so it's hard to show the differences between the two because they are so sheer.
These would be ideal if you like a shine on the lips and hardly want any colour. I plan keep these in my bag as emergency lipsticks for when i want a bit of sheen and don't want to worry about my lips matching the rest of my makeup.

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