Thursday, 25 October 2012

Soft and Gentle, no thanks!

There is a huge amount of bloggers who rave about MAC's Soft and Gentle Mineralize skin finish. It's said to be an amazing highlighter but i don't share the love at all.
I've tested the product and had it applied at the MAC counter and i've found it is too shimmery or overly metallic and the powder tends to be too powdery and dust everywhere.
The colour and tones of the powder may be too light for some skin tones so i'm not jumping on the beauty blogger bandwagon and buying it although a lot of different skin tones seem to own this and say it works for them, i'm not sure i believe or agree with them.

I'm also pondering if every makeup look should need a highlighter to achieve an appealing look? Personally i don't use a highlighter on a daily basis because i minimalist the amount of products i used due to lack of time in the mornings as well as feeling the glowing or sometimes mirrorball look is dated and makes me mid 30's skin look worse rather than better.

I'm wondering if anyone else has a lack of love for powder cheek high-lighting?

The only times i do use any form of sparkle on my cheeks is when i use my Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer or Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick. Both are shimmery and on the bronze side. But both have a lighter tone that near matches the skins natural tone. My eye makeup is never shimmery when these are used because if i apply more than one shimmer product my makeup look is far too shiny and emphasises every ageing crease on my face.

Are products like MAC's strobe cream more suitable for some people? I've never tried. What are your opinions?

MAC's soft and gentle mineralise skin finish

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  1. I want to try the Soft and Gentle MSF and the Shummer Brick!! :Dxx