Monday, 29 October 2012

LUSH loves...

I admit that i often walk past Lush or go inside and nosey at the goodies but most of the time i only ever buy the same ol' things.

I have dry skin on my body and i'm prone to eczema flares ups behind my knees and hands and although advice says washing with water doesn't help the condition as H20 dries the skin, i'm not going to start smelling cheesy just to help my skin condition.

Both Dream Cream and Ceridwens Caudron both help my skin a mega amount. They both calm my skin down and make the itching less unbearable plus smell flipping amazing. They're very moisturing and if i have spare notes in my wallet i always choose these items if i feel i deserve a splurge.
Snow Fairy, well i just flipping love the smell. I wish Lush would bring out a perfume with the Snow Fairy scent. I don't mind smelling like a sweet cotton candy lollypop.

So if Father Christmas is reading, i have been a good girl this year ;-)

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