Sunday, 28 October 2012

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge & All About Eyes

I had been on using up all of my current skin care so i could use these for a while and at long last these two cuties have escaped from the not so secret skincare stash.

I've been using both the Clinique Moisture Surge and All About Eyes gel like formulas for just over a week now. They're the first two Clinique skin care items i've ever purchased which is probably shocking because i always feel that Clinique was and is the go to higher end skin care brand that most people hover to when thinking about maybe upping their price limit when purchasing beauty if they're not too clued up about premium brands. It's sold almost everywhere, Boots, John Lewis, Debenhams etc so can be easily gazed at and tested and repurchased whereas some other not so well known but cult brands aren't as available if you don't live near a large city or shopping centre.

Moisture Surge is a cooling gel like cream. The gel/cream feels as soothing as aftersun does on burnt skin and i really do see a difference in how my skin feels more supple and not at all dry throughout the day.
The gel/cream sinks into the skin fast and leaves a little or no product residue. It's very suitable to use if you're thinking of applying makeup after application due to it's speed in getting to work and not being seen.
Clinique's All About Eyes cream is very much similar. It's mega cooling which i love. I'm not keen on eye treatments that just feel like i'm applying just a more sensitive formula of facial moisturiser around my eyes, i like my eye creams and gels to feel zingy.
Both are products i'm putting on my Christmas wish list and i hope i'm lucky enough to bag some in the Boots Christmas sale via gift sets maybe. Oh i love the Boots Christmas sale!

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