Friday, 6 July 2012

Stila Bronzer 02

Stila Sun Bronzing Powder in Shade 02

 My search for another bronzer lead me to the Stila counter in Boots. I guess i'm just a sucker for their cute packaging. It cost me £18.00 of my hard saved Boots bonus points and i was so chuffed i managed to buy something worth while and substantial rather than using my points to buy boring stuff like deodorant or a bottle of fizzy pop when i'm sweating like a pig on a spit and gasping for a drink.

The bronzer was available in two shades. I choose the darker shade which is, Shade 02. It looked like the perfect non orange bronzer when i swatched it in-store. I did a silent Woop WHOOP! that i had found a non glittery bronzer. By hek it's hard to find one that isn't covered in a film of glitter or shimmer. 

Now upon swatching at home and being able to view the colour in real light, i could see that there is a slight sheen. And arghhh, it looked a slightly orange to my eyes too. I haven't really had the chance to try it out yet but i'm hoping to dear gawd i can get some use out of this. I may cry if it means i've wasted my boots points on something like makes me look like i've been splat in the face with some, er cheap bronzer.

Do you own an Stila bronzers? What do you think?  I've also seen on the Stila website that there is a new custom self adjusting bronzer. Has anyone tried this yet?
I was hoping i would try it in my local Boots but they only had a limited about of items. Booo hisssss!!

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