Friday, 6 July 2012

Mini Haul

Today i popped into town and visited Boots, Superdrug, Lush and the wonderful 'Sparkle'

My daughter has very fine but curly hair and it's a pain in the bum cheeks to do her hair in the mornings if it's not conditioned well. So whilst i was in Boots they had something i hadn't seen before. Dove haircare, and it was on offer for 3 for 2. 
I bought...
Dove Hair therapy Leave in conditioning & care spray in Nourishing oil care (yellow bottles) and an Intensive Repair. Both £3.39 each. We shall see if my daughter gives it her mark of approval. If i have a scream free hair do session, it's a winner!

I also grabbed a couple of sun care items. I like to plan ahead. I mean wayyyyy ahead. These are for our summer holiday next year. They're just to put in my hand luggage or handbag whilst out and about and they looked so cute and small.

*Boots Soltan Once kids 8 Hour Play, SPF & UVB 50+, 50ml, which claims to give 8 hour sun protection and 1 hour water resistance. Half price £2.75
*Boots Soltan Once SPF & UVB 30+, 75ml spray, Moisturising sun care spray, water resistant. £3.50. Also half price.

And as the above items were in a 3 for 2 offer i added some
*Simple Moisture Boost Hydra Mist which i thought would be handy on the plane pr in handbag during the hot weather. This cost £5.99

Now onto Lush. Blooming nora, i was in Lush for ages. I got chatting to a lovely sales lady. We got onto the subject of children, have no idea how. But i think i was in there for near an hour. The lady plopped a Rocketeer Bath Ballistic into one of her magic cauldrons and it didn't even start fizzing, but i knew i was gonna but me one!
Cor, everything in that shop smells of heaven. So i shall hopefully be fizzing away into a hot tub with this tonight if my children and husby allow me!

Rocketeer Bath Ballistic £2.75 from Lush

I also picked up an Eau Romas Water Toner Water, £3.75. This smells devine (darhling). No really it is! I normally hate lavender scents, i think because i've only smelt lavender in products with a lot of alcohol content, but this is amazing. I recommend you buy this even if you don't use toners like me. I bought it to spray over my face to refresh my makeup and help me not feel like a sweaty mess. 

As recommended by the wonderful Mrs Thrifty I bought some SuperDrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser.  If you haven't subscribed to aThriftyMrs' youtube channel or blog, do so now. It's ace!

Lastly, Ooohh it's an Essie!  My latest love. I love everything Essie and i have been slowly collecting every shade i can since my local independent cheap makeup shop, Dazzle. This shop has started stocking them for just £3.99!  Yes, just £3.99!!
This shade is Chubby Cheeks. Just my type of name and it will go with the dress i'm wearing to a wedding very nice too. Not that i'm painting it on the dress, but you know what i mean. I hope.
Essie, Chubby Cheeks

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