Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palettes - Walking on Eggshells & Comfort Zone

A small part of my mental wish list of makeup to look for whilst on holiday in America was some Wet N Wild eyeshadows.  Undoubtably i came out with these two gems when i visited Target.

Walking on Eggshells, a nude trio palette and Comfort Zone, eight shadow palette of light to dark neutrals.

I hate to use the word but they are so 'buttery'. The best eyeshadow formula i've ever used. If you are a dunce at blending eyeshadows like me, these eyeshadows seem to make it much easier.

They are indeed very soft. So much so that when i was swatching the powder i pressed alittle bit too hard in the green and it crumbled (see below). I was so careful packaging these in my suitcase traveling home and this happens to me when i blimmin' swatch them *sob*.

Apart from how delicate these eyeshadows are, i do dislike the packaging. 
You can tell that all costs are put into the product which is a plus point but i would love to see a premium line in this brand for makeup packaging snobs like me. Ohh and for Wet N Wild to come to the UK. Please!!!!


  1. Wet N Wild in the UK would be amazing! x x

    1. I might orgasm with excitement if they did. Don't know why they haven't come over tbh.