Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Look at what the Postman delivered...

I'm on a bit of a spending ban but i justified these because Essie's Mint Candy Apple was mega cheap from for £5.33.

I have a rotten virus. For over two weeks and it's still with me and a good lip balm to help my chapped lips is a must. 
I still only rate Carmex as the best lip balm around. I have a thing for anything lime flavoured and scented at the moment and i've been looking for the new Lime Twist flavour everywhere. I managed to find it at a knocked down price on Ebay, yippie. 
It is totally amazing. It makes my lips say, "ahhhhh" and it smells of lime cordial. I love it.

Lastly, bath crayons. 
My children are now 7 and near 6 and they're obsessed with bath crayons. My eldest is obsessed with maths and sits in the bath writting primary school level maths equations to solve like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory on the side of the bath. My youngest, my little artist loves drawing pictures for me to guess. These were both £1.50 each from Ebay. The crayons, not the children.


  1. I know i'm supposed to be a grown up, but i really want some bath crayons... so cool! haha (^_^) x

  2. That's a real bargain nail varnish! Bath crayons look amazing! x

    1. I know, amazing find. I have been after if for yonks but for some reason i can't bring myself to spend much on nail varnishes. I keep peeping at Amazon to see if i can see anymore bargains now.
      Jules x

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, but i love it also. The perfect shade of green with an very slight undertone of aqua blue imo.

      Jules x