Monday, 15 April 2013

Hoarding those empties no more!

The kids are back at school so i finally have the time to blog more. This also means i can post my empties stash and recycle at long last. 
I no longer need to keep telling my husband, "NOOO don't put that bag of rubbish in the bin" and getting strange looks from him as if i'm turning down his faint attempt of housework.

I've been trying to get through a lot of half full or less loved products of late. I figure i can justify buying more new if i use up things thus find more space to put new. 
My intention has been going very well. I've managed to use up the YSL Touch Eclat i've owned for over 7 years! I know i should have binned it years ago because of the product use by date rules, but i'm not wasteful like that. I didn't think it was worth the money and have found better and cheaper alternatives.
Another golden oldie set of products are the Palmer Culter It..Is range. I was given two sets of self tan and prepare products from this range when i became good friends with a lovely lady (you know who you are) who was a PR for the range. I wish they still sold Palmer Culter tanning products as it still is the only self tan spray that doesn't make me look orange or smell of biscuits.

Two products i didn't totally use up - Boots Botanics Cleansing lotion and eye makeup Remover. I really disliked the products. The eye makeup remover was mega greasy and didn't remove my eye products well enough to continue to use and the cleanser was just like a watery moisturiser or Baby Lotion. The cream cleanser didn't remove makeup well at all. With both products i needed to cleanse with other products to get a clean face. I'm also unsure but i think these two products have resulted in my skin getting a nasty case of cystic acne. I look like i'm 13 again, my face is so blotchy.

Products i loved were...
Treacle Moon Ginger bath and shower, Smells so good.
Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish & Instant boost skin tonic. Worth every penny and shall be repurchased.
Soap & Glory Flake away, A good scrubby scrub.
M&S Fig & Orange Hand Cream. Bootiful scent.

Everything else pictured was a bit, meh. Nothing bad at all but i would try other products before repurchasing them.

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