Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Yu-Be Skin Moisturising Cream

Yu-Be is a concentrated glycerine based all purpose moisturising cream enriched with vitamins B2, C, E and Camphor.

Yu-Be is safe and effective for use on the ENTIRE BODY (Including face & lips) as often as desired. Yu-Be helps split cuticles and smooth rough, cracked and  dry skin on the lips, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

A little dab goes a long way and the highly concentrated, non greasy formula absorbs quickly.

Yu-Be is a yellow colour due to the vitamin B2 and has familiar, soothing scent of Camphor which disappears completely in moments. Yu-Be contains NO artificial colouring or fragrances.

The high glycerine content and absorption is the result of a top secret manufacturing process in Japan, which makes Yu-Be so effective.

Y-Be is an all-purpose moisturiser which is safe, gentle and very effective on all types of dry or sensitive skin.

All in all, a bloody brilliant cream. I'd go so far as the best cream i've found for the eczema on my hands. 

You can buy Yu-Be HERE

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