Friday, 1 February 2013

Therapist's Secret Facial Oil

Why would anyone want to apply oil to their face. The thought of it makes me itch, but i purchased Sanctuary's Youth Boosting Facial, Therapist's Secret Facial Oil when it came in a gift set over a year ago so i had to try it. Facial oil now isn't as scary as it sounds.

This product gets used throughout the year. I have combination maturing skin that can vary from being greasy and acne prone to dry and scaly. When my skin feels tight or needing an extra dose of help i cleanse as normal in the evening and apply this. 

The dropper doses out just enough oil (see below). I rub this amount between my hands and massage over my entire face, making sure i keep away from my eyes.

The smell isn't a 'Sanctuary' smell. It doesn't really smell of anything which is a plus.
Approximately two minutes after applying the oil sinks completely into the skin leaving no oily shine, which still surprises me. When you stroke the skin it feels super smooth and totally moisturised. Even the horrid dry patches that some stubborn healing acne can leave become less scaly.

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