Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sun, Sea & Travel List

Riemann P20 Once A Day Sun Protection. Drying for some skin's but this is the only thing that kept me from burning when i visited Luxor, so this is coming with us to Florida. I would take a little bit of dry skin over burnt, sun damaged skin.

UltraSun 30SPF for the face. I've used this every summer for the last two years. I don't wear foundation or powder when it's mega hot because i prefer to not feel like i'm melting like the bad witch from The Wizzard of Oz. This to me feels non heavy and stays on the skin without needing to reapply every five minutes. It does leave a sightly white film on the skin, but that doesn't bother me. The sun protection means more to me.

Boots Sun, Swim & Gym hair protection mask. This is more for my little girl than me. She has fair hair that's curly and down to her bum. I'm a bit anal about keeping her hair in good condition and this shall be used in her hair to style and left in most of the day if walking about and about, as well as to be used in the pool.

Nivea Face Wipes. I think these are the best budget face wipes around. They're very wet unlike others so ideal to keep in hand luggage to refresh during the trip as well as carrying about for moments when anyone's feeling like a sweaty betty.

Lush's Eau Roma Water. This smells lovely and last year i used up two small bottles. I use it to cool down my face more than a toner.

Clinique's Moisture Surge Face Spray. I use this much like Lush's Eau Roma Water. But this is more of a freshen up product to use at the end of the day when my face has seen a bit too much sun.

Lush's Dirty Toothy Tabs. These are kept in my hand luggage on the hopefully rare occasion we're delayed in the airport for a long time. They're only £2 too!

Yankee Candle On The Go travel spray. Airplanes and the whole travel experience can get a bit stinky. I'm a Yankee Candle addict and any excuse to buy something to use whilst i travel.


  1. Oh the Sun, Swim and Gym sounds perfect for me and my Son, that will be on my holiday shopping list

    1. I'm thankful i don't have to be careful with my own hair. Short hair has it's plus points. Thanks for commenting Caroline. x

  2. Whaat Yankee candle make and on the go spray!! I love yankee candles and I didnt know this, Defiantly going to check out there scents!

    Pipp xx