Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Holiday Shopping

The family and i are packing off to Orlando, Florida for our holihubs in a few months and i'm getting mightly excited. Only problem i have is finding some non wintery clothes for the hot weather.

It's near impossible to find flattering clothes that fit my body shape. I have a massive belly and small boobs and i look like i'm carrying triplets. With most Plus Size clothes i find, they are almost always gathered under the bust and this is no good at trying to distract the eye from my flabby tum. 

I came across these two items on the SimplyBe website and thought they might look okay. 
I do love a ditsy print.
They arrived today at super speed and i'm so chuffed to say they look lovely. Well i think they do. 
No OOTD posts just yet peepers. I'm looking rougher than dog rough and there's no way i have the confidence to post any pics yet. When i gain a Floridian suntan i shall.

I thought the dress would look okay with cropped leggings or even shorts underneath?

Last purchase today was this tee...

I know, it's animal print. Slightly Bet lynch but animal print is my guilty pleasure. And it was a bargain.

So watch out, you may see these being posted on here in a few months with me looking twee standing next to a giant Mickey Mouse.

Do you have any holiday must buys once i'm over in the States? I hope to pick up some cheaper MAC makeup and Tarte Amazonian Blushes.


  1. Oh my gosh.... Must have's from the states.... Where shall I start? Target, gap in plus size, old navy, jessica Simpson, f21, Essie and opi nail polishes are dirt cheap, Levi's in plus size....make sure you take all the tags off all new clothes, that way you'll avoid import tax. Monsoon have started to get holiday stuff in and they generally do a lot of nice strapless day time dress that could be worn as cover ups with shorts.
    Have a fab time! I'm very jealous!!

    Toni x

    1. I'm a bit overcome by how helpful you've been taking the time to reply. Thanks so much.
      I would have never known about the import tax on clothing, great tip.
      Never even knew Levi's did plus sizes. Gap in plus size, oh my! I'm having slight heart palpitations of excitement.

      Thanks again Toni. x

      Jules x

  2. I hope you have an amazing time in Orlando! It's currently super gorgeous over here! :) I would also definitely check out Torrid, their clothes are gorgeous and there is a lot currently on sale! :)

    1. You lucky thing. It's super horrid over here at the moment. Our weather can't decide if it wants to be snowing or raining, but either way it's fricken' cold!
      And thanks, i can't wait.
      Torrid. Just looked online and their stuff looks fab. Thanks for the tip Auty.

      Jules x