Friday, 18 January 2013

Yves Rocher Anti-Global Complete Anti-aging Care Day cream

I don't get sent many PR samples, if any. Probably due to not being a very well known or popular blog. I was very dubious about including this item in my blog, being honest and declaring that it was a PR sample. Why, well because i personally read 90% of blogs which include PR samples and they seem to be almost always declaring their love for the product. Call me sceptical but i don't always believe they are always truthfully honest.

I didn't want to be included without that group of bloggers, but i've come to the end of a PR Sample pot of Yves Rocher Anti-Global Complete Anti-aging Care Day cream and i truly think it's rather good.
I used Yves Rocher's products years ago when i was in my early teens. Nowadays Yves Rocher seems to have become a more high end brand and less affordable as it was previously.  
They seem to have upped their product quality and i say this because i feel the cream i used was worth the price.

I find it so hard to describe creams. The texture and how they feel. On my skin the cream felt like a non oily light weight mousse which covered the skin like a non heavy moisturising balm. My skin instantly drunk up the product and my skin didn't have any horrible shine which is almost always left with face creams. When i touch my skin it feels satin soft much like some serum face primers can do.

I used the cream for approximately a whole month. I was liberal in using it. I also applied it to my neck.
I feel the cream kept my skin hydrated all day and night, i also used it at night. It gave my makeup a great base for my makeup also. 

The only minus is that the cream has a slight botanical scent. This could effect some sensitive skin types. I do suffer from combination skin with tendencies of hormonal acne. In some cases products can make me break out with cystic acne, but this product seemed to not effect my skin in any negative way.


  1. I agree. I think some bloggers get sent so much stuff they tend to rave about it all. I reckon it must be quite hard to remain impartial if someone is sending you a lot of free stuff, but you've done a good review here. It sounds like a great cream.

  2. Thanks Jules I'm glad you enjoyed the product. We do send samples to bloggers and some are very honest and write if they don't like them but others just don't write anything at all if they don't like it. Just to let you know the product you tried is high-end but there are more affordable products starting at £3.50 for face cream (Pure Calmille which has had very good reviews).