Wednesday, 23 January 2013

YSL Teint Singulier Powdercreme Veil Foundation - Shade 4

YSL Teint Singulier Powdercreme Veil Foundation - Shade 4, £31.00

"This light-textured creme glides on easily, transforming into a soft powder veil as it touches your skin. Formulated with special micro-sponges, infused with moisturising ingredients, it provides a comfortable, non-drying finish. Special pigments, coated with silica, form a protective shield. Apply with a dry sponge for a transparent, silky look or with a wet sponge for a matte and powdered finish. Best suited for normal to oily skin types."

This shade is a tone darker than my current skin tone as i like to use this more during the hotter months when i tend to gain a tan.

The finish is matt with a powder finish, as to be expected from it's title. This doesn't give a cakey powder finish, more of a satin veil. 
The foundation covers much like a serum would, the thickness of liquid when it first comes out of the tube can be misleading. It goes on super smooth but doesn't look mask like, although i feel this is classed as a full coverage type foundation. 
It does cover very well but if you have any dry areas or acne it may cling to those areas.

1- Look how thick it is. But only a tiny amount needed.

2- Only one swipe to blend. See how thick it still is, yet it smooths out more than expected...

3- Totally blended. 

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