Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Products i'm looking forward to buying this year

I've always wanted to try one of more of YSL's Lip Stains but i refuse to spend £22.50 on a lip product no matter how great it is as i chop and change the products i use on my lips near every day. I could justify the price if it were a foundation.

When i heard that Rimmel would be releasing a Lipstain/gloss hybrid called Rimmel Apocalips, much alike YSL's lip stains i got giddy and stated having palpitations of excitment. Please say i'm not the only mad woman out there who gets excited about product releases? Please.

To be honest i've not always been a big fan on Rimmel products. I don't like the smell of their lipsticks and their foundations always seem to feel uncomfortable and cakey. I only really like their pressed face powders and concealers. But a plus is that their products are always so affordable and i've read such great reviews from other Bloggers who have had the honour of previewing the Rimmel Apocalips i feel i need to try these as soon as they're released, which i beleive shall be the 23rd January priced at around £5.49.

What products are you waiting to get your mitts on?  Or is everyone on a spending ban?


  1. I'm quite excited about these too. I'm also looking forward to getting my hands on elf's HD blushes. There were some amazing swatches on their blog earlier. xx

    1. When i saw all of the US bloggers writing about the ELF HD blushes i started drooling. But i'm trying not to buy any more blush products this year as i think i have too many.
      Gah what am i saying!?, i have too many of every makeup product.

      Jules x