Sunday, 13 January 2013

Do i need another foundation? Opinions please

I'm pondering another purchase. 
YSL's Touche Eclat Teint.  

Shall i go for it? 
I have mature skin with a slight uneven skin tone and i can suffer with acne, who doesn't?!

I've researched and read reviews but i'm wondering if anyone reading this can give me an honest opinion free from the restraints of being loyal to PR companies and brands. 

If you had my skin, would you purchase?


  1. If you can, I'd suggest you get a sample so you can try it for a couple of days. I jumped straight in and bought the Urban Decay Naked Skin, thinking it would be amazing and I don't like it at all :( (the fact that I was colour-matched completely wrong in Sephora when I was on holiday in Barcelona didn't help lol)

    I'm currently a couple of days in with my little sample bottle of Touche Eclat Teint and I much prefer it to the Naked Skin but I'm still not sure it's right for me.

    I usually use Double Wear when I'm at work and Rimmel Wake Me Up for non work days. I love Double Wear but I'm still on the look out for something lighter when I'm not at work.

    I hope the YSL is right for you. My skin is probably just a bit too rubbish for it !

    1. Ohh thank you for replying.
      I was thinking about the Urban Decay as well, but the reviews i read weren't totally outstanding. Such a shame you paid and later found out it was pants for you. I did the very same and went out and bought a Chanel perfection lumiere foundation. It was awful, for me. Made my pore look like pot holes.
      I have been to the YSL counter and swatched, but i'm always nervous around high end makeup counters. I feel pushed and can't make an informed choice.
      Thanks for the sound advice. Yes i should pluck up the courage and ask the YSL lady for a sample. If i can find one. They're always around when i just want to look, but never around when someone needs them.
      Jules x