Sunday, 27 January 2013

50 Things about me - Tag

I thought it may be interesting to some to learn a bit more about the person behind my blog, me.

1. I slept through the Great Storm of 1987.
2. My childhood house was struck by lightening and my bedroom ceiling and electricals falling onto my bed whilst i was asleep. I survived.
3. I used to be obsessed with Take That and Mark Owen before they became middle-aged and i discovered boys my own age.
4. I was a runner up to The Young Inventor of the Year competition when i was at school. 
5. Been to Art College for 5 years and a small part of that was drawing a lot of naked people/ life models. 
6. Had my tongue pierced twice. Swallowed a tongue piercing. Had lip pierced and ear punctured eight times. I took them all out the day i finished Uni and became 'responsible'.
7. I used to think music and clubbing was life, but i never listen to music at all anymore.
8. When i met my husband, it was love at first sight.
9. I think i was a mild alcoholic whilst at Uni. 
10. I suffered from severe post natal depression and still cannot remember the first 6 months of my sons life.
11. Been on a blind date and truly regretted it. 
12. Love visiting London for the day but would rather live in a ditch than live there.
13. Proud to say i've never taken any illegal drugs.
14. Knocked out someones tooth whilst dancing on a wall.
15. I love Supernatural and Jensen Ackles.
16. Had my foot run over by a car. My father's car.
17. Broken my big toe by my best friend standing on it in P.E when i was five.
18. I had swine flu for three weeks and hallucinated.
19. I once walked a mile home with no shoes. Even a homeless man took pity on me. I hate heels!
20. I don't drive but i'm wicked behind the wheel of bumper car.
21. I'm scared of heights and anything that creates a swinging motion.
22. I'm a cat person, not a dog person. No bad dog face jokes please.
23. I would rather clean up my children's poo than sick. Please don't think that i relish either, it's just a parental preference.
24. I talk and shout in my sleep.
25. I hate wearing bras. But they are useful for holding mobile phones now i'm getting old and saggy.
26. I dislike tattoos. I shall not go on for fear of offending anyone.
27. I used to see, dead people.
28. I think the most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of my children's laughter.
29. I was once asked to be vocals for a Trance music track but declined as i had no self confidence.
30. I've been overweight all of my life and i think about food more than makeup.
31. I love horror films but i have to watch them on my own as the husband hates them.
32. Survived the labour of two children with two emergency C-sections. Thank goodness for modern medicine.
33. Getting married truly was the happiest day of my life before having children.
34. I felt the most confident and happy with my body when i was pregnant.
35. Pork scratchings and green olives shall be the death of me.
36.  Horses scare the bejesus out of me
37. When i was a youngen i used to hate having my hair washed so much that my neighbour once thought i was being murdered.
38. I once watched the entire seasons of Sons of Anarchy back to back for a month. As a result i became one angry mother and decided Netflix is evil and should be used with respect.
39. I hate Halloween
40. Woken a house up by bottom burping in my sleep.
41. Sung on Karaoke just once and loved it. Alcohol may have played a part.
42. I can't wear my Wedding and Engagement rings because i get eczema between my fingers.
43. I love Disney. So much so that our wedding cake was Disney inspired.
44. When i was a child i was nearly kidnapped by a man in a car who asked me for directions outside of my house/
45. I’ve visited a KFC that didn’t have any chicken.
46. I remember when it used to cost less than £3 to watch a film at the cinema and i could buy sweets for half a penny.
47. I have an uncontrollable raising eyebrow, but the other side i can’t move. No botox here!
48. I used to have a Toni & Guy mohawk. Cringe.
49. When i was at secondary school i used to have long permed hair and a high backcombed fringe like a wind break. I got through a whole can of mousse and hairspray a week, sometimes two. Sorry Ozone.
50. When i lived with my parents i found a spiders nest at the end of my bed under a pile of soft toys. Clean your rooms kids!

Please feel free to tag yourself and share. off to the land of bottom burps for me. It's Monday tomorrow *groan*.


  1. I LOVE reading these things! I love Sons of Anarchy and dodgy downloaded Series 5 from 'Merica every Wednesday morning as there was no way in chuffing hell I was going to wait for it to come on TV. I think I better wait a while before I post mine as I did 2 quizzy type thinks on my blog last week and I think people are probably sick of the me-fest. x

    1. Blimmin' good telly int it! I can't wait for series 5.
      Writing this made me face the fact that i have a very boring life. Other people who post these type of things seem to have done much more exciting things.
      I didn't know you had done any. I shall have a read. I love reading other bloggers post these type of things also.
      Excuse any typos as im cuddling my daughter and only have one hand free.

      Jules x