Monday, 8 October 2012

The Good & The Bad Primers

WITCH Anti blemish Skin Clearing Primer 
REVLON PhotoReady Perfecting Primer*

I'm getting on a bit being in my mid 30's and my skin seems to have turned into a teenagers again.
I have a mix of different skin conditions throughout the month and onto of monthly hormonal acne i'm being driven to desperation to get my makeup to look non cake and to stay on without making my pores stand out and my skin to stay grease free for longer than an hour.

Witch products seem to be half price in SuperDrug recently so i picked up a couple of items to try. Witch's skin clearing primer was one of them.
I'm a big fan of Witch's powder and concealer. I plan to give a more detailed review of those at a later date. 

This primer is brilliant. I feel like it's not harming or effecting the condition of my skin and it feels lovely. I use this some mornings without any moisturiser as for me it moisturises just enough as well as creates a smooth base for my makeup. I haven't had any breakouts at all whilst using this. That might be a fluke but i really feel it's helping keep my skin clearer. 

The liquid is light and doesn't feel heavy and mixes well with all types of foundations, liquid, cream and powder. It keeps away shine longer than it would not using any primer and it's cheap!

I spotted the Revlon primer when it was released a few months back along side their eye primer. I was in two minds about buying it but didn't as i was lucky and won a bottle in a competition a few weeks after.

I have tried to like this primer but can't. The texture is drying and doesn't spread well on the face at all. It seems to spread, then run out of moisture and won't budge anymore so more product is needed to be applied which just overloads the skin. 

It doesn't help the foundation glide on at all unlike serum type primers i've tried. Worse thing is that it seems to make foundation cling to dry areas. You might thing, ah, it helps the foundation cling. That must mean it makes the foundation last longer. Nope. I have average greasy skin, not super bad, but it seems to break down the foundation maybe due to product overload on the skin and the natural skin oil breaks though within around 30 minutes of wear.

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