Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rainbow Brite Eyes

I was an 80's child and i adored Rainbow Brite. I can remember spending hours with my Rainbow Brite colouring book making sure i used the correct colours for every character and being a tad OCD about colouring inside the lines. I loved it most because i could use every felt tip colour in my case.

I'm similar today when it comes to makeup. I love collecting lovely colours and beautiful packaging but i'm scared to wear rainbow shades or bold colours everyday. Halloween is an ideal time to bring out those hard to wear items and this is what i plan to do.

The products i used for this look are,

Blinc + Go Palette in 02 (from Glossybox)
Bourjois Clubbing Liner in Violet Laser 85
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Baked
Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara

I'm not at all bless in the eye department. I have sagging inherited hooded eyelids and terrible sagging under eye so this look would look so much better on someone less haggard.

I started by using the white in the inner corners and added each colour along the line of the eye (white, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink).
I blended the purple into the crease and used the purple liquid liner on the upper lid.
I copied the line of colours on the bottom lash line and lined the waterline with the gold Urban Decay pencil liner.

I hope this inspired someone. It's such a shame to keep unused colours in the makeup draw. Get 'em out i say! xoxo


  1. Om My the nostalgia, I used to LOVE rainbow bright, your eyes look great

  2. Aww thanks chickadee. xx
    I love a bit of nostalgia. Strawberry shortcake, GummyBears, Wuzzles, Keypers err Glowbugs. Remember those? They don't make girls toys like they used too.

  3. This is such a cute look and lovely with your brown eyes. Thank you for the lovely comment you just posted on my blog, brought back memories & choked me up, but in a good way!

    Nic xx

  4. You've made my day Nic. Thank you for reading.
    You always seem to blog/chat about things that are relevant to me in some way and i you never seem to get carried away with blog cliqueness, which is just a few of the reasons why i keep reading what you post. I'm no longer a distant weird interweb stalker it seems :-)

  5. wish I could make it like you! You inspired me to try this look but it didn´t look so good :D it was dicky :D