Monday, 8 October 2012

Grotty and i should throw away but...

This is what i wore on my wedding day!

CHANEL's Levre Scintillantes Glossimer in Blizzard 19

I know, this is really not the most hygienic looking lipgloss but i love it. I got married to Mr Flabby Face in 2005 and this was the first high end lip product i ever bought.
I wore The Body Shop's lipliner in Beech over my entire lip and added this gloss over.
It lasted me all day! Even after a few drinks, well rather a lot really, the gloss still left a lovely shimmer on the lip. I'm glad to say i looked half okay in pictures at the end of the evening just as much as the shots that were taken at the beginning when my makeup was fresh.


 *whisper* I still use this today. It's still the best lipgloss shade ever (in my opinion). But maybe i think this purely due to being a sop. A grotty sop who keeps lip glosses for over six years.

Does anyone else have any beauty products they refuse to bin because of an emotional attachment?


  1. I have a 20 year old Mary Quant lipstick. Eek! I don't use it and am not really sure why I hold onto it. Maybe because it's a token of my dim and distant yoof?! xxx

  2. I'll cling onto anything that will remind me that i was once young and trendy. Ha. x