Friday, 6 July 2012

Marie Claire Magazine Freebie - Aug '12

Avon's SuperSHOCK Max in Black

I used to be an Avon representative and i can't believe i had never tried this mascara before after all of the hype surrounding it.
I have to admit that i tried another Avon mascara and wasn't very impressed at all. This put me off trying anymore Avon mascaras.
The brush of the SuperShock Max reminds me of Maxfactor's False Lash Effect, a mascara i love.
Upon testing it seems that it didn't work out to be as great for me. The product isn't the blackest black and the brush didn't hold much product so it did take rather of coats lot to get the desired effect of volume. So a good mascara but not if you're in a rush.
I also must add, i did feel it made my eyes a little watery. I don't normally suffer with sensitive eyes so this could be a one off and nothing to do with the mascara, but beware if you do have mega sensitive peepers.
All in all a great magazine freebie, as i love reading Marie Claire anyway. x


  1. Marie Claire are doing such good freebies lately! Their campaigns are obviously working because I'm going to go out and try this now :)


  2. I agree. The freebies in magazines are so good compared to the olden days when a sachet of foundation would be classed as something to orgasm over.
    There's a St Tropez gradual tan in Elle also. I wanted to grab that, but i was shopping with my husband and i know i would have got a frown from him if i picked up two magazines. I'm going to sneak it into my trolly next supermarket shop. Hehe!
    And than you for being my first comment. xx

    Jules x