Tuesday, 17 July 2012

AVON Sassy Swirls pocket sized perfumes collection

Vanilla Blossom, Vanilla Berry & Vanilla Bean 15ml each.

I took advantage of a free delivery discount code in the week and stocked up on some of my favourite home hair colorant and these little cuties were buy 3 for £5. 

These are ideal to put in my handbag if i go out of the house without time to think about putting on perfume or even to just refresh during the day.

I seem to have a newly found obsession with things that smell of either vanilla or coconut. I'm buying up any shower gel or bubble bath that says it smells of them and these were too go to miss out on.

They truly do smell of vanilla with a hint of (Berry, Blossom etc).
To me they don't smell horridly artificial, but i have to admit they don't smell totally natural. But i guess it's rather pricey to imitate such smells and in my opinion you get what you pay for.

If you see these on offer i urge you to try them out. Avon always seems to have some kind of offer on so keep your eyes peeled. x


  1. aww im not a fan of vanilla scent but those bottles are cute!!!

  2. Must check out Avon asap, they're quite a bargain!!
    No worries about your comment, perhaps I should have been more generous with the Plush Red pencil?! We really do appreciate constructive criticism in order to grow as artists and create new stuff!